Step 1: Browse the $5 prizes. Click on the “Add to Wishlist” button to add prizes to your wishlist. These prizes will then be highlighted on your order form.

Step 2: Check out the Bonus Prizes! You get one entry into each of these drawings with your minimum donation of $36.

Step 3: Browse the Free Gifts. With your minimum donation of $260, you can choose one free gift.  When you donate $520, you can choose 2 free gifts, and you will also receive a bonus Kosher Lamp. Donors of $1300 can choose 4 Free Gifts plus 24K Gold Art. The more you give, the more you get!

Step 4: Fill out the order form: First choose your donation amount. If you are donating at least $260, you will be asked to choose your free gift(s). Then you will be able to select your$5 prizes. The prizes you added to your wishlist will be highlighted. You can enter to win additional prizes as well.

Step 5: Complete the billing portion of the form , making sure all the information is accurate.  All online orders are entered into an exclusive, additional raffle to win $1000!