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Million Dollar Raffle

Winner has the option of taking payment over 10 years or one lump sum totaling to 50% of the win amount. Million Dollar Raffle Drawing Date: May 11th 2013.

Sponsors: Anonymous , A former Talmid of Reb Chaim Mintz; Francine and Gary Frechter for R”S for Levi Hacohen ben Rachel, Yehudis Fruma bas Bracha and Moshe Ahron ben Raizel; in honor of our parents Joan and Irv Fischer and Helen and Leon Goldblatt; Dr. and Mrs. Magid; Thanking Hashem for the Zechus to have Nachas and becoming a great grandmother twice; for Haztlacha for the whole Levi Family for Parnasa, Aliyah in Torah and Yiras Shomayim; Liluei Nishamas Refael ben Zilpa; R”S for Leah Neshama bas Yosefa Yehudis, and L’zchus our children should be Yirei Shomayim and Bnei Torah; L”N Asher Avigdor ben Moshe and Rachel bas Avraham; R”S for Sabah bat Badia; Nussie and Esther Fogel, Monsey N.Y.; in honor of all the people who carry out the Avodas Hakodesh of Oorah. May it be a Segulah for our daughters; Lenny and Esther Rothschild; R”S for Chaya Ruchel bas Sura, Mordechai Aryeh ben Chana Mariyam; in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bidner; R”S for Leah Neshama bas Yosefa Zundle ben Reb Moshe Mordechai.