Oorah-thon 2014 THIS Motzaei Shabbos!

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from our mailbox: we love Fiveish!

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An Oorah-thon viewer from Queens, NY sent us this message:

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Kids’ Fiveish Hour, particularly the questions Fiveish ‘stumped’ the callers with. Too bad that my five year old son, who’s been a major Fiveish fan for about three years now, was already asleep. He would have jumped with excitement at the chance to call in and win a set of Fiveish linen– and he probably would have known almost all the answers too!

Fiveish fan from Queens striking his favorite Fiveish Dance pose           


This year, when I asked him what he wanted to be for Purim, he said “Fiveish!” without even taking a minute to think. Here’s a picture of him striking his favorite Fiveish pose from the Fiveish Dance video.

Thanks for the great kosher entertainment!

P.S. Might I suggest that you add a child-size Fiveish costume to your line of Fiveish products?

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The curtain closes on Auction 2013

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It began on Chanukah with the “Eight Nights, Eight Flights” campaign and ended with a bang on motzei Shabbos with the Oorah-thon. Oorah Auction 2013 is officially over.

This year’s Oorah-thon showcased all of the many Oorah programs and kiruv successes. Longtime host Elchanan Schwartz was joined by Rabbi Moishe Lichtenstein, Director of Outreach, Rabbi Avraham Krawiec, TheZone camp director, and Rabbi Avi Schnall, National Director of ChillZone for hours of stimulating discussions punctuated with musical interludes and fascinating interviews.

The night started off at 10 pm with Fiveish Hour. Over 100,000 calls came in for Fiveish, who offered Fiveish linen, the Shmorg 5 or a plush Fiveish to callers who answered a question correctly.

Almost all of Oorah’s many programs were highlighted on air with TheZone campers, Torah Spot attendees, Little Star parents, TorahMates and Yom Tov at TheZone guests sharing their stories.

Dueling Rabbis Avi Davidowitz, who wears many hats at Oorah and TheZone, and Avraham Biderman, Oorah Board member hotly debated the question: FFB vs. BT: who has it easier?

Of course, the night culminated with the drawing of the Auction prizes. See the full list of Auction winners here.

So we say adieu to Auction. See you next year!


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L’Chaim! (Brisman)

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An impromptu celebration erupted in Oorah’s halls today upon the arrival of our newest chassan, Chaim Brisman. Chaim, who is beloved to anyone who ever spent time at TheZone, is engaged to Ora (not Oorah!) Thav of Baltimore, MD. Mazel tov!

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You Gotta Love Those Loyal Fiveish Fans!

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from Fiveish’s fan mail box

See Fiveish live on the Oorah YouTube channel.

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TheZone Camp Open House in Los Angeles this Sunday March 17th at 7 PM!

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All potential campers and their parents are invited to meet TheZone Camp staff, learn about our programs and ask questions at our upcoming Open House in Los Angeles THIS Sunday March 17th at 7 PM at the Haboosheh Home.

9406 Kirkside Rd.
Los Angeles CA 90035

For more information contact us at info@thezone.org/866.THE.ZONE/www.thezone.com/www.facebook.com/getinthezone

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TheZone Camp Open Houses in Florida!

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All potential campers and their parents are invited to meet TheZone Camp director, Avraham Krawiec, learn about our programs and ask questions at either of the following events:


AT 11 AM
Herman Home
4550 N. Bay Rd.

Zarad Home
9132 Vineyard Lake Dr

 Potential campers can learn more about TheZone and apply at www.thezone.com .

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Oorah – An Open Purim Miracle!

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Purim this year was incredible. The kids had a great time. mishloach manos deliveries, costumes, everything was perfect. I didn’t think things could get any better. Until we got to Oorah’s Purim seudah.

They say seeing is believing. I don’t think any one description can really describe  the Purim wonderland that was Oorah’s Purim seudah. As we entered the parking lot of  Lake Terrace hall we were met by the sight of children being driven around in a horse drawn wagon! What fun! Had that been all we would have left happy. But in the lobby of the hall we were greeted by . . .cotton candy . . . popcorn . . . scores of hamentashen in every flavor . . .enough wine to make any man happy . . .and joy . . . pure joy . . . of hundreds of beautiful jewish souls who had never experienced the beauty of Purim before yesterday.

The gourmet meal that we were treated to truly did rival the feast of king Achashverosh! And the entertainment! What can be better than getting to watch a magic show in between each course! Shlomo Hadarshan kept the adults laughing with his steady stream of jokes and impersonations.  But the real treat was sitting with many of the families that we help and seeing the fruits of Oorah’s labor. This was Oorah’s  own “nes Purim”. One that we are proud to proclaim  is an open miracle that we want to share with everyone. Knowing as only we know what our families struggle with on a daily basis as they advance in their Yiddishkeit, made seeing them joyously celebrate the Yom Tov of Purim even more meaningful. I felt like I was really experience the triumph of Purim – because seeing so many tinokos shenishbiu come together under one roof, the roof of Oorah, and all for one reason – for if not for Oorah, there would never have been the uplifting seudah that there was. Rav Chaim Mintz, the reason that Oorah is, spoke poignantly and blessed all that was there with the ability   to continue growing and striving to reach greater heights . a blessing that can be applied to all those attended. May our Oorah families continue coming closer to their roots  . . . and may we have the strength to continue being there for them every step of the way.

View a short clip here

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New Fiveish Purim Stickers Arrive at Oorah!

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You can feel it in the air…the tiny stirrings of Purim fever has finally begun!

Buzz about costumes, mishloach manos and family themes has begun.

We have met the demand head-on with our newest edition of Fiveish Purim stickers!

celebrating Purim’s imminent arrival in true Oorah style!

Look out for your own copy – arriving in the mail soon!

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Test Market Lab: Fiveish Linen

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After weeks of gazing longingly at the Fiveish linen in Oorah’s auction book, a couple of super-lucky girls were surprised this week with a package of their very own set!

It was brought home by their mom, an Oorah employee, who often brings home Fiveish-related odds and ends throughout the year. They are used to seeing Fiveish on just about everything – stickers, papers, envelopes, junk paper from misprints, and other office odds and ends. She was thus completely unprepared for their reaction when they saw the actual linen: pure excitement!

Our very own set!






The unboxing was an event on its own. “How do they fit all that Fiveish in that tiny little bag?” one of the girls wanted to know. Good question, kiddo. The bright colors, while vibrant and exciting, are not overwhelming, and the palette is perfect for any bedroom, boy’s and girl’s alike. And the kids were all eyes as the duvet unfolded, revealing the large Fiveish printed on both sides of the fabric.

Too big to fit in the frame!

First things first: after a bit of ogling by fervent admirers, the linen was reluctantly let go of to be put straight into the wash. Hot water, if you please. (This is the test lab, after all.)

Spin cycle: newest step in the Fiveish Dance?





After a while, the fresh and clean Fiveish linen was all ready in the girls’ room. The color faded only the slightest bit, but the fabric was much less stiff than straight out of the package, and was rendered soft enough to sleep on. The little madams came in for a thorough inspection, and needless to say, were tickled pink.


Fiveish! Is! In! Our! Roooooom!!!

The mother of these two girls was simply astounded at how cooperative her daughters were when it came time to get ready for bed. What is normally not even that much of an ordeal became a magically well-oiled machine that propelled these little imps straight into their beds as if they were preprogrammed robots on the highest speed setting. The hardest decision was whether to sleep on the Fiveish eyes side of the pillow sham, or the smiling Fiveish face. (They opted for the eyes.)


Laila tov!

In conclusion, the Fiveish linen comes highly recommended, even from someone whose entire family lives and breathes Fiveish everything, all the time. It would make a great gift for that special little Fiveish fan, and is a great choice of linen for when the grandkids come to visit.

To order your own set of Fiveish linen, visit Oorah’s auction here!

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