Chanukah Concert in Brooklyn Smashing Success!!

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What a concert! What a night!

The energy was palpable in Brooklyn College Tuesday night, the fourth night of Chanukah, at Oorah’s annual Chanukah concert, free for the Oorah family. Over 2,500 people- all affiliated with Oorah- filled the concert hall.

Big name entertainers like Lipa and Shloime Dachs gave popular performances (Lipa sang his new Chanukah release “Believe in a Miracle.”) Up-and-coming singer Yoni Z, who has performed in TheZone, was also on the program, as was Yitzi Bald’s New York Boys Choir.

But the real stars of the night were the children of Little Star Preschool, who put their all into their enthusiastic performance. Dressed in Chanukah-themed costumes, they sang “I Have a Little Dreidel” among other holiday classics.

TheZone shone on stage as well with an interactive trivia game show that drew participation from the crowd. Mrs. Shimrit Adar, beloved program director of the Girls Division, addressed the audience in her usual energetic and dynamic style. Boys Division campers Shalom Kaddosh and Mickey Aflalo wowed with a display of considerable parkour talent as Lipa did gangnam Oorah style!

Of course, Rabbi Chaim Mintz was a highlight of the night with his keynote address on the topic of Kiddush Hashem. He led the audience in a moving recitation of Shema Yisrael.

The concert was so much more than just a great show though. It was a grand Oorah family reunion. TorahMates met in person, Zoniacs rekindled old memories and everyone came away from the event uplifted and inspired.

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