Christian receives a pair of tefillin

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Jamie was so turned off from Judaism that she named her first son Christian. The daughter of a Jewish father from Syria and a Jewish mother from Russia, Jamie had converted to Christianity and married a native American. She and Daniel lived in Carson City, Nevada. Her one son, Christian, did have a Hebrew name too, Yisrael.

But Jamie couldn’t escape her Jewish history for long. Daniel began to do his own research and came to the decision that Judaism was the truth.¬†He hosts a Friday night meal in his home for all the neighbors, mostly non-Jews. Daniel leads a brief prayer session after the food, music and dancing.

Not long ago, Daniel contacted Oorah to help bring his wife and son, the real Jews in the family, back to the fold. His teenaged son, Christian/Yisrael, learns with a TorahMate and we just sent him his first pair of tefillin!

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