from our mailbox: we love Fiveish!

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An Oorah-thon viewer from Queens, NY sent us this message:

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Kids’ Fiveish Hour, particularly the questions Fiveish ‘stumped’ the callers with. Too bad that my five year old son, who’s been a major Fiveish fan for about three years now, was already asleep. He would have jumped with excitement at the chance to call in and win a set of Fiveish linen– and he probably would have known almost all the answers too!

Fiveish fan from Queens striking his favorite Fiveish Dance pose           


This year, when I asked him what he wanted to be for Purim, he said “Fiveish!” without even taking a minute to think. Here’s a picture of him striking his favorite Fiveish pose from the Fiveish Dance video.

Thanks for the great kosher entertainment!

P.S. Might I suggest that you add a child-size Fiveish costume to your line of Fiveish products?

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