I got your Chanukah Party-in-a-Box

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A pallet of Chanukah packages ready to ship

The emails and calls have started pouring in as families across the country receive their Chanukah packages from Oorah. Somehow, coming home to a beautiful box filled with all kinds of goodies for Chanukah seems to make everyone’s day so much happier.

The package really came just in time for one family in Queens:

“We received the package for Hanukkah from Oorah and I was so happy!! It couldn’t come at a better time for us. We lost our car in the storm [it was flooded and a tree fell on it during Hurricane Sandy] which is very hard. I was so concerned that I would not be able to buy a menorah and all the rest of the stuff for the holiday on time…”

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One Response to I got your Chanukah Party-in-a-Box

  1. gabrielle gavrilova says:

    I haven’t gotten a pakage in ages.

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