Shmorg 5 almost here

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Oorah’s multimedia department has been running in overdrive for the past few weeks as the release date for Shmorg 5 draws closer. Unlike previous years, this year’s Shmorg comprises three separate CDs: Shmorg Tales, an exciting Fiveish audio drama; Shmorg Tunes, a soulful musical collection; and Shmorg Tube, an audiovisual DVD with over 4 hours of entertainment and inspiration.

Without giving away too much, we’ll just say that Fiveish himself has been a super-busy character recently with film shootings and recordings taking up much of his waking hours. He’s been hanging out with loads of Jewish celebrities (dare we mention that Lipa’s a fervent Fiveish fan?!)

Shmorg 5 is an exclusive free gift for donors to Oorah’s Auction. Check out the other awesome gifts and prizes at And stay tuned for the latest and greatest in the popular Shmorg collection!

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2 Responses to Shmorg 5 almost here

  1. sivan says:

    how do I get preveious years shmoorg dvds?

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