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Shmorg 5 almost here

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Oorah’s multimedia department has been running in overdrive for the past few weeks as the release date for Shmorg 5 draws closer. Unlike previous years, this year’s Shmorg comprises three separate CDs: Shmorg Tales, an exciting Fiveish audio drama; Shmorg Tunes, a soulful musical collection; and Shmorg Tube, an audiovisual DVD with over 4 hours of entertainment and inspiration.

Without giving away too much, we’ll just say that Fiveish himself has been a super-busy character recently with film shootings and recordings taking up much of his waking hours. He’s been hanging out with loads of Jewish celebrities (dare we mention that Lipa’s a fervent Fiveish fan?!)

Shmorg 5 is an exclusive free gift for donors to Oorah’s Auction. Check out the other awesome gifts and prizes at www.oorah.org/auction. And stay tuned for the latest and greatest in the popular Shmorg collection!

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Fiveish Fan Mail

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letter from Fiveish fan

effusive letter from an enthusiastic Fiveish fan and Shmorg aficionado

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Fiveishmobile arrives!

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The Fiveishmobile is here, and its winner, R’ Duvy Gross, who has been eagerly anticipating its arrival, is so excited to come pick it up! As you can see from the pictures, this funky little Scion is the coolest thing on wheels. Don’t you wish you could drive it around?

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Fiveish appears in Mishpacha Junior

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Fiveish fans everywhere were delighted to see that the irrepressible five-dollar bill was featured in Mishpacha Jr. magazine last week!

In a piece titled “Fiveish on the Job,” Mishpacha writer Barbara Bensoussan interviewed Elchanan Schwarz about what it’s like playing Fiveish. Luckily for him, he only does the voices and doesn’t have to wear the hot costume.

Get yourself a back issue if you missed this great article!

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Fiveish: the new Jewish ID

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fiveish glasses

proudly displaying a Fiveish car magnet

A Raintree resident tells us the following story:
A meshulach came by his home collecting tzedaka. The meshulach asked, “Do you know how I know which houses are Jewish ones?”
“The mezuzah on the door?” guessed the homeowner.
“No,” said the meshulach. “I look for the Fiveish glasses on the car!”

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