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Five More Minutes!

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At ChillZone in TheZone this past Pesach, hundreds of kids were screaming to learn another 5 minutes with their TorahMates…What a beautiful sight! On Monday night of Chol Hamoed we had our girl’s program and on Tuesday night, we had the boys. We can’t wait to do this again!

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Pesach at TheZone a huge success!

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Just a few days after Pesach, the moving thank yous for Pesach at TheZone are already pouring into the Lakewood office. Here is a sample of just a few of those:

“… I have only a minute to quickly express how profoundly life-changing the experience was. I was floundering and going off the derech: having a very hard time as an isolated single mom living outside of a frum community. I feel like Oorah reached out with a net and scooped me out of danger’s way. Thank you so much for elevating my soul and reaching my heart…”

From a retired military officer, new to the Oorah family: “My family and I were just amazed at the camp and the wonderful program you had for us. The Seders were absolutely astounding… the food was literally “out of this world.” I have attended and even assisted in administering Passover retreats (for U.S. military personnel) and have never had such a wonderful Pesach retreat experience (and Pesach gourmet food!) We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and the wonderful outreach work you are conducting…”

“….We had the most amazing spiritual fun-filled Hag ever…..From the moment we arrived to saying good bye to new friends and old. My boys are Zone campers and now they have ZONE fever for their summer to begin…”

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