The curtain closes on Auction 2013

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It began on Chanukah with the “Eight Nights, Eight Flights” campaign and ended with a bang on motzei Shabbos with the Oorah-thon. Oorah Auction 2013 is officially over.

This year’s Oorah-thon showcased all of the many Oorah programs and kiruv successes. Longtime host Elchanan Schwartz was joined by Rabbi Moishe Lichtenstein, Director of Outreach, Rabbi Avraham Krawiec, TheZone camp director, and Rabbi Avi Schnall, National Director of ChillZone for hours of stimulating discussions punctuated with musical interludes and fascinating interviews.

The night started off at 10 pm with Fiveish Hour. Over 100,000 calls came in for Fiveish, who offered Fiveish linen, the Shmorg 5 or a plush Fiveish to callers who answered a question correctly.

Almost all of Oorah’s many programs were highlighted on air with TheZone campers, Torah Spot attendees, Little Star parents, TorahMates and Yom Tov at TheZone guests sharing their stories.

Dueling Rabbis Avi Davidowitz, who wears many hats at Oorah and TheZone, and Avraham Biderman, Oorah Board member hotly debated the question: FFB vs. BT: who has it easier?

Of course, the night culminated with the drawing of the Auction prizes. See the full list of Auction winners here.

So we say adieu to Auction. See you next year!


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2 Responses to The curtain closes on Auction 2013

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  2. Bluma bochner says:

    I really wanted to win something at the fiveish hour but no matter how many times I called I could not get through and I was very disappointed when the last time I called they said that fiveish hour is over. Love a frustrated fiveish fan.

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