The Beginning of Oorah

Back in 1972, Rabbi Chaim Mintz stopped at a gas station and struck up a conversation with the Jewish mechanic. “Where do your children go to school?” the Rabbi inquired. The mechanic admitted that his children attended the local public school and really were ignorant of their Jewish heritage. So Rabbi Mintz made an offer – he’d get them into a Jewish school, and he’d raise the money for tuition. The mechanic agreed.

This was Rabbi Chaim Mintz’s first success in reaching out to Jewish people with a warm and loving heart and a huge desire to make a difference. This accomplishment also paved the way for many, many future successful endeavors. In the early days, Rabbi Mintz would ride the streets of Staten Island looking for houses with electric menorahs, knock on those doors, offering a heartfelt gift of Chanukah essentials, and open a conversation about the children’s Jewish education.

Since it's humble beginning, Oorah developed into a professional non-profit, multifaceted organization offering social, educational, and religious services to thousands of families throughout the world. Oorah’s dozens of programs have broadened Rabbi Chaim Mintz’s impact, continuing each year to carry out his vision with care and dedication.