Oorah Programs

Enrich your family life. Enrich your holidays.
Enrich your knowledge of Judaism.

Oorah camps
Youth programming
Our mentorship and youth programs are designed to support our children throughout the year, through their adolescence, teen years and young adulthood, giving them the tools and guidance they need to develop into productive and engaged members of the Jewish community.
jewish holidays at oorah
family programming
Oorah is not only for kids. We bring entire families into the Oorah family with Shabbat and holiday retreats and family events throughout the year. With warm and experienced guidance, we support our families through the challenges of life.
oorah family involvement
jewish education
Choosing the right school is essential to a child’s success. We help parents every step of the way, from preschool through high school and beyond, to ensure their children have access to a fitting Jewish education.
oorah education
jewish studies
It’s never too late to start learning more about what it means to be Jewish. Oorah offers a plethora of convenient study options so you can get started on your Torah journey.
oorah Jewish studies
community outreach
Outreach by both professionals and mentors helps to connect our families with the programs and resources available to them. From dating mentorship for singles to crisis counseling, we offer support and guidance for every stage of life.