Rabbi Chaim Mintz

Founder, Director, Spiritual Leader and Advisor

Rabbi Chaim Mintz

Rabbi Chaim Mintz Founder, Director, Spiritual Leader and Advisor - With nearly 50 years of experience in education, Rabbi Chaim Mintz is the Founder of Oorah. A native of Scranton, PA, Rabbi Chaim Mintz underwent over a decade of Rabbinical training at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, MD. Following his ordination, he was sent to establish the school's branch in Toronto, Canada. Over 40 years ago, Rabbi Mintz was appointed "Mashgiach," Dean of Men, at the prestigious Yeshiva of Staten Island, a position he continues to maintain.

His journey into outreach began when he came to the conclusion that he had a responsibility to share the treasure of Judaism with Jews who may never have had the chance to discover its beauty and richness. Rabbi Mintz has taught, nurtured, and guided many thousands of families and individuals over the years.

Rabbi Chaim Mintz connects with Jewish families

Rabbi Eliyohu Mintz


Eliyohu Mintz, son of our founder, Rabbi Chaim Mintz, has been involved in helping his father's outreach efforts ever since he was a young boy, joining as his father visited homes to encourage families to send children to yeshivos and developing novel fundraising programs to help fund the tuitions for those children.

As he matured, Eliyohu recognized that his father's outreach efforts could be expanded and more effectively funded by formally organizing both these efforts, and so, Oorah was born.

His vision was to create entities that would fund Oorah’s work and, as funds allowed, to expand that work. Cucumber Communications was the first such undertaking. Oorah’s unique, breakthrough Chinese Auction and marketing campaigns were his brainchild as well.

Eliyohu’s innate organizational and management skills, creative genius, and dynamic leadership has developed Oorah from an organization subsidizing school and camp tuitions for several dozen children to a multifaceted Kiruv and social organization reaching thousands – under the watchful eye and ongoing guidance of his father.

Rabbi Avrohom Biderman


Rabbi Biderman has been involved in Oorah for decades and has served as an independent Director of Oorah since 2007. Professionally, he serves as Managing Editor of Mesorah Publication, the world leading publisher of English-language works of Judaic interest.

He is a published author and noted lecturer. Additionally, Rabbi Biderman is involved, in a voluntary capacity, in nearly a score of local, national and international social, educational and philanthropic groups, formally serving as an Officer or Director of six of them. Rabbi Biderman has previously served as a member and officer of a New York City Department of Youth and Community Development Neighborhood Advisory Board. He earned his Masters in Talmudic Jurisprudence and his Rabbinic Ordination from Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem in New York City.

Mrs. Malky Keller

Acting CFO and Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Keller has been with the organization for 12 years, since July 2002, serving in many different capacities, growing with its needs, as they changed. She has covered responsibilities in a variety of different roles in both the financial and administrative sectors. She continuously seeks to increase and develop productivity and efficiency in these areas, by close monitoring and management of the bookkeeping and accounting departments. Her background and personal experience in real estate investment and property management makes her a valuable contributor to all business and internal policy, decisions.

Rabbi Yitzchok Kornblau

Director of Management and Efficiency

Mr. Ben Turin

General Cousel

Rabbi Yehoshua Weinstein

Director of Outreach Development

Rabbi Tzvi Yoffe

Senior Kiruv Coordinator

Rabbi Chaim Reichman

Kiruv Development Director

Rabbi Avrohom Krawiec

TheZone Camp Director

Rabbi Simon Goldstein

Director of Marketing

Miss Aliza Perles

Little Star Pre-School Program Director

Mrs. Raizelle Serebrowski

Rebbetzins Director

Mrs. Shayndy Abrahamson

Director of Events