Rabbi Chaim Mintz

Founder, Director, Spiritual Leader and Advisor

Rabbi Chaim Mintz

Rabbi Chaim Mintz Founder, Director, Spiritual Leader and Advisor - With nearly 50 years of experience in education, Rabbi Chaim Mintz is the Founder of Oorah. A native of Scranton, PA, Rabbi Chaim Mintz underwent over a decade of Rabbinical training at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, MD. Following his ordination, he was sent to establish the school's branch in Toronto, Canada. Over 40 years ago, Rabbi Mintz was appointed "Mashgiach," Dean of Men, at the prestigious Yeshiva of Staten Island, a position he continues to maintain.

His journey into outreach began when he came to the conclusion that he had a responsibility to share the treasure of Judaism with Jews who may never have had the chance to discover its beauty and richness. Rabbi Mintz has taught, nurtured, and guided many thousands of families and individuals over the years.

Rabbi Chaim Mintz connects with Jewish families

Rabbi Eliyohu Mintz


Eliyohu Mintz, son of our founder, Rabbi Chaim Mintz, has been involved in helping his father's outreach efforts ever since he was a young boy, joining as his father visited homes to encourage families to send children to yeshivos and developing novel fundraising programs to help fund the tuitions for those children.

As he matured, Eliyohu recognized that his father's outreach efforts could be expanded and more effectively funded by formally organizing both these efforts, and so, Oorah was born.

His vision was to create entities that would fund Oorah’s work and, as funds allowed, to expand that work. Cucumber Communications was the first such undertaking. Oorah’s unique, breakthrough Chinese Auction and marketing campaigns were his brainchild as well.

Eliyohu’s innate organizational and management skills, creative genius, and dynamic leadership has developed Oorah from an organization subsidizing school and camp tuitions for several dozen children to a multifaceted Kiruv and social organization reaching thousands – under the watchful eye and ongoing guidance of his father.

Rabbi Avrohom Biderman


Rabbi Biderman has been involved in Oorah for decades and has served as an independent Director of Oorah since 2007. Professionally, he serves as Managing Editor of Mesorah Publication, the world leading publisher of English-language works of Judaic interest.

He is a published author and noted lecturer. Additionally, Rabbi Biderman is involved, in a voluntary capacity, in nearly a score of local, national and international social, educational and philanthropic groups, formally serving as an Officer or Director of six of them. Rabbi Biderman has previously served as a member and officer of a New York City Department of Youth and Community Development Neighborhood Advisory Board. He earned his Masters in Talmudic Jurisprudence and his Rabbinic Ordination from Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem in New York City.

R. Yehoshua Weinstein

Director of Outreach Development

For over five years, Rabbi Weinstein has researched and overseen all new outreach programs for Oorah.
Many new programs were brought to fruition with his vision and drive, and indeed, most people only get to see him as a moving blur in constant motion in and around the corporate office. We’re proud to have Rabbi Weinstein aboard as a member of the Kiruv Department.

Rabbi Tzvi Yoffe

Senior Kiruv Coordinator

Whether he’s assisting families with school placement or overseeing the Torah Mates program, Rabbi Yoffe has seen plenty of warm, inspiring stories happen right before his eyes. As someone who has been with Oorah for nine years, Rabbi Yoffe finds his job in the Kiruv Department richly rewarding.

Rabbi Beer

Torah Mates Coordinator

Rabbi Beer has been with us for a little over four years, and yet he still gets enthralled every time he senses someone interested in drawing closer to their heritage. “I know at that moment that I have a chance to help a lost neshama find its path.” He lives in Lakewood with his musical family, where they enjoy zemiros at the shabbos table with a lush mix of harmonies.


Auction Mascot/Marketing Anomaly

Since his inception nearly five years ago, Fiveish has become an icon of successful marketing in the Jewish world. Having taken all forms of media by storm, he was a sensation during the 2009-10 Auction season, where anyone who wasn’t living in a cave was on the lookout for the whereabouts of Oorah’s walking and talking 6’4” five dollar bill.

Now an entity unto himself, Fiveish has carved out a loveable niche in the dog-eat-dog world of competitive marketing, and is cherished by young and old alike.

Mrs. Fayge Gewirtz

Marketing Coordinator

Since starting at Oorah nine years ago, Mrs. Gewirtz can certainly say she’s seen the evolution of the marketing team and all it does throughout the year. She is known for her keen, creative ability to think outside the box, and has been part of Oorah’s most successful campaigns to date. She’s also one of the most patient people in the room, and is generous with her time, encouraging others to grow through their contributions to the team.

As someone who puts her all into her job, she delights in seeing it in action as well – namely, in the excitement of campers in TheZone as they discover the magic of Shabbos for the very first time. Though she takes work pretty seriously, she is known to play a very wicked game of basketball, and takes pride in making up memorable nicknames for her five kids.

Mrs. Estie Abend

Oorah Fundraising Coordinator

For those who don’t know her, Mrs. Abend is a powerhouse. For those of us who do, we know her as a woman who doesn’t rest until the job is done absolutely perfectly. With her network of connections cast widely in the musical, textile, toy, food and art industries, she is able to procure the most interesting, wonderful, curious, beautiful and delicious things to help Oorah’s fundraising efforts. Mrs. Abend doesn’t have any spare time.

Mrs. Bina Zahner

Camp Recruitment

Mrs. Zahner brings over 25 years of sales experience with her to Oorah’s Kiruv Department. In the course of her two years here, she has felt a true sense of accomplishment in providing children with a memorable summer experience that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. She was most touched when fielding a call from a teen who wanted to be in a Jewish camp so badly, that upon learning that we simply had no more space, he insisted that he could rough it in a sleeping bag. As a mother (and grandmother!) Mrs. Zahner can certainly appreciate how each member of the next generation serves as precious links in our mesorah.

Mrs. Esti Landau

Kars4Kids Manager

For over eight years, Mrs. Landau has been at the forefront of Kars4kids – from planning and budgeting advertising to overseeing receivables, and all other aspects of the program. Since joining Oorah, she’s seen the tremendous growth of the company as car donations come in from people across America. She’s also fielded many hundreds of interesting calls about the renowned jingle, which has both delighted and dismayed listeners throughout the country. Whenever Mrs. Landau is let out of the office, she can be found on errands with her four children, her nose pressed firmly against her BlackBerry.

Mrs. Devora Homnick

Graphic Designer

For the last year, Mrs. Homnick has contributed to Oorah with her talent, creativity and panache, producing dazzling, mind-provoking material to market what it is that we do. Possessing a unique wit, aptitude for layouts in all media, combined with quickly meeting deadlines has garnered Mrs. Homnick the reputation of having the fastest mouse in the Big Room. While she enjoys her work in the arts intrinsically, she feels that her work at Oorah runs deeper than being with any standard design firm – it’s about helping others. When she’s not at her desk, she likes drawing monochromatic pictures with charcoals, far away from her computer.

Mrs. Malky Keller

Acting CFO and Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Keller has been with the organization for 12 years, since July 2002, serving in many different capacities, growing with its needs, as they changed. She has covered responsibilities in a variety of different roles in both the financial and administrative sectors. She continuously seeks to increase and develop productivity and efficiency in these areas, by close monitoring and management of the bookkeeping and accounting departments. Her background and personal experience in real estate investment and property management makes her a valuable contributor to all business and internal policy, decisions.

Rabbi Avrohom Krawiec

Director of TheZone Camp

Though he’s only joined Oorah this past year, Rabbi Krawiec has already gained a sincere appreciation of what it is that we accomplish here. He thoroughly enjoys the atmosphere of shared camaraderie that permeates every corner of Oorah, and that everyone is infused with the same sense of purpose: to bring Jewish kids and their families closer to their heritage. In his spare time, Rabbi Krawiec finds solace in gardening on his small patch of grass.

Rabbi Elchanan Schwarz

Oorah-thon Host

For just about ten years, the world has been tuning into the annual Oorah-thon to hear the sensational and completely unscripted words that Rabbi Schwarz has to say. Since he came on board here, Rabbi Schwarz has brought joy to thousands of children and their families at many Oorah functions throughout the year. Being a creative individual has permitted him the opportunity to be included in some of the Marketing Department’s more intense brainstorming sessions, where he’s sometimes able to pick up a free lunch. Rabbi Schwarz is also distantly related to Fiveish, the resemblance to whom is striking.

Rabbi Moishe Aharon & Mrs. Tova Cohen

Directors of Oorah’s Israeli Branch

For over twelve years, Rabbi and Mrs. Cohen have selflessly managed Oorah’s headquarters in Israel. Due to the time difference, they often find themselves maintaining ridiculous hours, turning their days and nights upside down. The way they see it, for every schedule gone awry, it means another child helped by Oorah – and that is what motivates them. The Cohens often serve as the voice of reason when the Marketing Department has issues to discuss regarding matters such as Auction, TheZone camp, Shabbat With Oorah, and much more.

When asked why they fundraise for an American organization in Israel when it’s usually the other way around, they answer, with their characteristic smiles, that Klal Yisroel is one body, supporting each other no matter where in the world they are. They also play host to the dozens of Oorah children who graduate high school and make their way to study in Israel for the year.

Mrs. Shayndy Abrahamson

Kiruv Team Leader

Mrs. Abrahamson has only been at Oorah for a little over a year, but it feels like she’s been here always. Her ability to organize, simplify and stay calm under insane pressure has made her a staple in her department, and the way she arranges the camp programs, concerts makes it look easy. She also has an envious relationship with the company printers, whose language she speaks fluently. In her free time, Mrs. Abrahamson enjoys baking with her three children.