Corona won't stop us!
Spreading the POSITIVITY

Oorah's programs are going strong despite the current situation and the challenges COVID-19 brings.
Oorah is the anchor for thousands of children, adults, and families throughout the world.
Learn more about how each program is adapting and growing through this challenging time.


With over the phone learning, Oorah's TorahMates are committed
to keeping their learning going despite global shutdown.

  • New TorahMates are signing up each day to join the global network of Torah learning
  • The TorahMates Together unity event brought together thousands of TorahMates to learn together
    and to hear words of inspiration from Oorah staff
  • TorahMates Together events for boys and girls created an evening of inspiration
    and fun for the younger TorahMates too
  • Another TorahMates Together event focused on Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Chaim Mintz, uniting TorahMates as the stay at home orders stretched long and lonely.
  • TorahMates learning keeps partners united despite social distancing
    "Honestly thank Gd for TorahMates!
    It's the only socialization I get, we talk every day just to get a break from the family."

The TorahMates Together Event:

The TorahMates Together Event:

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TheZone is more than just a camp!
When COVID-19 hit, TheZone staff and volunteers started planning fun activities
to support their campers through quarantine and social distancing.

Virtual programming on Zoom for campers of all ages brought Zoniacs together for nights of fun:

  • Live Game Show
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire TheZone Edition Live
  • Zone Zoom
  • Live Stream Kumzitz
  • Design Contest
  • Mitzvah Madness
  • Epic Night Activities with TheZone Staff
  • TheZone staff offer inspiration both to campers at large and to individual campers
    who are struggling through these challenging times
  • Virtual reunions and erev Shabbos get togethers keep Zoniacs connected
    throughout the weeks of social distancing

Due to the current situation, TheZone summer camp for hundreds of children is unfortunately closed. But that didn't stop Oorah! Introducing... FAMILYZONE! TheZone’s family retreats offered our Oorah families the chance to spend an extended weekend in TheZone.

Watch our virtual programs:

TheZone Events:

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ChillZone? More like CHILLZOOM!!
With programming around the clock, Chillzone is going above and beyond to keep our Chillers entertained and connected through virtual zoom ChillZones and activities.

ChillZone, a program for kids and teens, was forced to shut its door in 30+ locations
throughout the country and beyond. But ChillZone is still going on with multiple virtual groups
running each week to keep our youth happy and productive

  • Chillzone's epic national virtual ChillZone united ChillZone branches from across the country for a night of fun

Virtual ChillZone Events:

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Think Corona's slowed the Shidduch scene? Think again.
Oorah’s Rebbetzins are working now more than ever to support singles during this time
and ensure that global shutdown does not include Shidduchim!

  • The Rebbetzins Network is setting up many virtual speed dating events
    so that singles in shidduchim still have the opportunity to meet others
  • Rebbetzins are encouranging singles to submit video resumes so that shadchanim
    can meet them while following stay at home orders
  • Rebbetzins staff and Oorah Rabbis offer singles dating tips
    on how to navigate shidduchim through these turbulent times

Virtual Rebbetzins Events:

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Though the large annual Pesach event at TheZone was cancelled,
the hundreds of families who were making Pesach (some for their very first time)
were offered support to help them make a beautiful holiday

  • Rabbi D, Oorah's camp Rabbi, shared pre-Pesach inspiration,
    and practical tips through a series of videos
  • TheZone cooks and events directors created virtual cooking shows through Zoom to teach hundreds of participants
    how to cook the traditional kosher for Passover foods
  • Holiday packages are always nice for grateful recipients, yet during Corona,
    it was even more appreciated both from the financial aspect but also because people knew that Oorah cares
  • Oorah Rabbis coordinated selling of the chometz as well as answered
    many halachic questions to support those who were unfamiliar with the Pesach halachos

As COVID-19 stay at home orders stretched longer, more events were cancelled. But Oorah's virtual programs are still taking place!

  • Lag Baomer, traditionally celebrated with music and bonfires, didn't pass without a virtual Oorah celebration with Rabbi Chaim Mintz.
  • Pre-Shavuos Cooking Show:
    Based on the success of the pre-Pesach cooking shows, TheZone event coordinators ran another cooking show, this time featuring the delicacies of Shavuos.

Virtual Holiday Events:

Virtual Holiday Events:


Though the hub of Oorah Staten Island is closed, Torahspot is continuing virtually.

  • Torah classes each week with Rabbi Chaim Mintz are continuing as usual.
    While the location changed from Torahspot in Staten Island to a virtual class,
    dozens are staying inspired through the live stream class each week.
  • Ask the Rabbi sessions following the Torah class are even more popular than ever.
    Participants can air their concerns and ask their questions, many of which are related to the Coronavirus
    and the current situation

Ask the Rabbi Event:

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L'Covid Shabbos

With no friends to visit, no guests to invite, and no shul to attend, Shabbos in many homes around the world has begun to look a lot more like stress than serenity. Enter Oorah!

  • A series of inspirational videos by Rabbi Yossi Mozes offers tips on how to celebrate Shabbos despite the Corona restrictions

L'Covid Shabbos