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What is donor decide?
You have the power to choose. With Donor Decide, you can select which Oorah programs you’d like to sponsor, using your donation amount as credit to “purchase” items. Make your donation more meaningful!
Where can I find my login?
Your donor decide login information is included in the confirmation email you’ve received from the Oorah auction,

Oorah Auction

Profits from Auction help fund many of Oorah's vital programs

How does your Auction Ticket purchase help?
• Subsidize Tuition for a child attending a Jewish School
• Fund TorahMates learning material
• Purchase Tefillin for a boy celebrating the special occasion of his Bar Mitzvah
• Send Pesach gift packages filled with all essentials (matzah, bedikas chometz kit, guide and more)
• Subsidize Little Stars Jewish Preschool facilities
And much more…

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Become a Volunteer

It’s not all about money.

Donate your time to Oorah! Contact us to see what you can do to help.

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Donate your car and receive a tax deductible receipt. It’s simple and fast. Do it by phone or online. Free towing provided!

How does your donated car help fund many of Oorah’s programs?
Provide Tuition Assistance for a child attending a Jewish school
Send a tutor to a child’s home
Pay scholarships to send children out of their Urban environment to TheZone, Oorah’s camp located in the beautiful Catskill mountains of New York
And much more…

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Sign up now for phone, power and gas to get superior service at low rates.

How does your phone, power and gas help fund Oorah’s many programs?
Provide scholarships for children attending a Jewish camp
Help Sponsor a Shabbat with Oorah retreat
Sponsor a Chanukah Party in a box to help a family celebrate
And much more…

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Use a Kirby calling card to easily call Israel and other international countries. Your Kirby card can be used with any landline or cell phone.

How does your Kirby calling card help fund Oorah’s many programs?
Send holiday packages to families
Sponsor a camper's siyum
Subsidize a student's year in Israel

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