$5000 Israel Student Scholarship for Yeshiva and Seminary students
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Find Yourself

Studying in Israel helps you grow as a person and as a Jew. Learn more about yourself and the land of your heritage

Gap year helps set your goals

Take a year in Israel to deepen your awareness about what you want out of life

Get College Credits

Earn transferable college credits for the studying you do in Israel

What Students Are Saying

“I could have gone straight to university. That would have given me a degree and could have helped me get a job in the future. But it doesn’t give me the roots and foundation of what it takes to build a Jewish life and a family life, to grow as a person and mature. So I came to Israel, the ideal setting to establish such things.”

-Jesse Meyerowitz, Thornhill, Ontario, student at Birchas HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem

Funding Your Year

A year in Israel is very beneficial, but also very costly. Oorah offers a $5,000 scholarship to eligible post-high school students heading to Israel for a year in yeshiva or seminary. We also offer a stipend to help cover your additional expenses throughout the year.

*Scholarship applications are open to students affiliated with Oorah’s programs, Jewish public high school students and select Jewish Day School students

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Additional Israel Scholarships

Offers universal grants and need-based scholarships of $3,000- $4,500 to non-Israeli participants of affiliated programs studying in Israel for at least 5 consecutive months. Apply Here >

Scholarship Program Application Go Here >

Offers scholarships of $1000+ for yeshiva/seminary attendees from non-observant homes who currently attend public school or a non-denominational school. Call (718) 633-1620 for info.

US government funding for students at American colleges. Some yeshivas have Joint Israel programs and considered overseas programs of registered American colleges. Ask your school about FAFSA grants.

Offers need-based airfare and tuition scholarships for students to study at select yeshivas or seminaries in Israel. Email Rabbi Klatzko directly at

JNF allows you to earn money towards your tuition by raising money to plant trees in Israel. For every $36 donation that you receive, half will be applied to your personal tuition fund. Start your fund >

May have scholarships available. Find your local federation here and CALL their office. Ask to speak with a financial aid director and ask if you are eligible to apply for any scholarships.

Ask your rabbi if your synagogue or local Jewish organizations offer any financial assistance for students to study in Israel.

May offer some kind of subsidy or scholarship as well.

Are you already in Israel and missed the Israel Scholarship opportunity? You can still apply for a monthly stipend!

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*Based on approval

Our Programs in Israel

We don’t just give scholarships. Oorah will be your support system in Israel through your year(s) as a student in Israel. From ChillZone groups every week to placement for Shabbos and Yom Tov meals, we’ll be with you the whole way through.

Boys Chillzone

You’ll join a great group of guys who get together once a week to learn hard and play hard, hitting the study hall and basketball court with equal energy.

Oh, and of course there’s always hot pizza too.

Chillzone Locations

Girls Chillzone

You’ll join a warm group of fun, like-minded young women who get together every week to study and have fun, eat good food and hang out, enjoy each other’s company, laugh and sing and become close friends.

Chillzone Locations

Financial Assistance

Oorah offers a significant scholarship to eligible post-high school students heading to Israel for a year in yeshiva or seminary. We also offer a monthly stipend to help cover additional expenses throughout the year.

Funding Options

Annual Shabbazone

Once a year, we throw a gala weekend event for all our students in Israel when Rabbi Chaim Mintz, Oorah’s beloved founder, leads a group of Oorah staff and volunteers on a trip to the Holy Land.

Held in a posh hotel, the ShabbaZone is a great opportunity to spend an uplifting Shabbos with the Oorah community in Israel.

Oorah’s DiscoverU Program

If you’re approved for scholarship, you are required to attend Oorah’s DiscoverU the summers before and after the student's year in Israel. DiscoverU is the ultimate action-packed and meaningful summer experience for college-aged students (ages 18-22). · Beautiful scenery and resort amenities in TheZone upstate New York campus' · Boating, horseback riding, biking trails, competitive sports, and much more! · Ask the Rabbi sessions, workshops, lectures, and discussions on Jewish topics · 2½ week session, several sessions each summer Get the most out of your summer with DiscoverU!

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Shabbos and Yom Tov placement

You’ll never be left stranded without a host for Shabbat or the Chagim.

We’ll hook you up with one of our hospitable volunteer families for a meal or a place to stay whenever you need one.




A year in Israel does not have to come at the expense of college. Many colleges will allow you to defer enrollment for a year or even two, an option that is worth considering if you’ve already been accepted to a college you want to attend. Of course college is important for your professional future, but a year spent in Israel is an irreplaceable opportunity to gain a solid foundation for your personal development.

Many schools in Israel have programs which allow you to earn college credits for your yeshiva or seminary studies. Many universities will accept these college credits. Contact the yeshiva/seminary and college you are interested in attending to find out if this option is available.


The notion of leaving the comfort of your parents’ home for foreign territory may be daunting to you, and rightly so. But you will not be alone. Both Oorah and the yeshiva or seminary you choose will be there to help you figure things out and get you settled. We can also help you with finding meals for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Some schools will provide you with nearly all your needs while others give you more independence. But either way, you’ll find that the experience of taking charge of your life is an invaluable preparation for the “real life” that comes afterward.

Our Staff

T. Yoffe
Rabbi Tzvi Yoffe

Senior Tuition Coordinator

R. Fried
Rabbi Raffi Fried

Boys DiscoverU and ChillZone

G. Mintz
Mrs. Gitty Mintz

Girls DiscoverU and ChillZone

T. Kahan
Tzipora Kahan

Tuition Coordinator