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“I could have gone straight to university. That would have given me a degree and could have helped me get a job in the future. But it doesn’t give me the roots and foundation of what it takes to build a Jewish life and a family life, to grow as a person and mature. So I came to Israel, the ideal setting to establish such things.”

-Jesse Meyerowitz, Thornhill, Ontario, student at Birchas HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem

Funding your year

A year in Israel is hugely beneficial, but it’s also very costly.
The good news is there are many scholarship opportunities out there.
We’ll help you navigate the options.

Receive a $5,000 scholarship for your year in Israel!
Once your application is approved, eligibility for a scholarship is  contingent on:

  • Attending DiscoverU, Oorah’s  2-week summer program, before going to Israel.
  • Learning with a TorahMate while in Israel at least 4 times each month— 30 minutes each session.
  • Attending the annual Oorah Israel Shabbazone.

Students who attend the Israel “ChillZone,” Oorah’s Saturday night learning program with pizza, friends, and fun, will receive an additional monthly stipend to help cover living expenses.

BONUS: Attend DiscoverU the summer after Israel as well, and Oorah will send you $1,000 to help cover your flight back from Israel! *based on approval

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There are many additional scholarship opportunities available to help fund your year. We provide this list merely as a resource for you and are not affiliated with nor take any responsibility for any of the programs listed here.

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What will be with my college plans?

A year in Israel does not have to come at the expense of college. Many colleges will allow you to defer enrollment for a year or even two, an option that is worth considering if you’ve already been accepted to a college you want to attend. Of course college is important for your professional future, but a year spent in Israel is an irreplaceable opportunity to gain a solid foundation for your personal development.

Many schools in Israel have programs which allow you to earn college credits for your yeshiva or seminary studies. Many universities will accept these college credits. Contact the yeshiva/seminary and college you are interested in attending to find out if this option is available.

Will I have to take care of everything myself in a foreign country?

The notion of leaving the comfort of your parents’ home for foreign territory may be daunting to you, and rightly so. But you will not be alone. Both Oorah and the yeshiva or seminary you choose will be there to help you figure things out and get you settled. We can also help you with finding meals for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Some schools will provide you with nearly all your needs while others give you more independence. But either way, you’ll find that the experience of taking charge of your life is an invaluable preparation for the “real life” that comes afterward.

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Rabbi Tzvi Yoffe

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Rabbi Rafi Fried

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Discover U and ChillZone questions for girls
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