Oorah's Programs

Outreach by both professionals and mentors help connect our families with the programs and resources they need, ensuring the right amount of care and devotion. With ongoing support, our counselors and mentors are constantly at our families’ aid, offering wise guidance, hands on assistance, and an abundance of resources to ensure educational, mentorship, and familial success.

Youth Development

  • TorahMates - Volunteer teachers learn one on one by phone or in person. Learn more
  • Junior TorahMates - Campers keep up their weekly learning sessions with their Zone TorahMate and learn one on one by phone or in person.
  • The Rebbetzins Network - Oorah's Rebbetzins program provides mentors and shaddchanim for singles of Baalei Teshuva background. Learn More
  • TheZone Boys Division - Top notch sports center, horses, boats, ATVs and more, provide the perfect setting for Jewish living, learning and fun! Learn More
  • TheZone Girls Division - Gorgeous scenery, air-conditioned rooms and resort quality facilities are just the beginning of an unforgettable Jewish summer camp experience. Learn More
  • TheZone Teen Girls Division - For girls 14-16 looking for a summer filled with fun, friendship and a warm Jewish spirit, this teen program fits the bill.
  • TheZone Teen Boys Division - Fabulous sports facilities, trips and events, plus the finest counselors anywhere, create a perfect Jewish camping experience for boys 14-16.
  • ShabbaZones - Zone campers can’t wait until summer for another dose of Shabbat spirit, and with this program, they don’t have to. They join together for our massive national ChillZone ShabbaZone, meeting other Zoniacs and Chillers from around the world.
  • Discover U - Separate programs for post high school age young men and women, featuring resort quality recreation and fabulous Jewish learning with great teachers. Learn More
    • Internship - The DU Internship program in the Oorah/Kars4Kids offices offers post-Israel students the opportunity to gain career experience in a professional and warm office environment.
Youth Groups
  • ChillZone - Pizza, prizes, friendship, fun and learning all come together to give over Torah values in a warm and growing atmosphere through our weekly learning program, with 30 locations across North America and Israel. Learn More


  • Enrollment - Placement experts find the right school for each child and guide the family through the admissions process.
  • Tuition Assistance - For families unable to pay day school tuition, Oorah provides generous assistance.
  • The Israel Connection - While their homes may be far, students in Israel know that Oorah is always near. ChillZone in Israel creates a built-in support system, and participants receive a monthly stipend. Rabbi Chaim Mintz and other Oorah and Zone staff visit Israel to give support to students and campers studying there. These visits include shabbatons as well as trips and get-togethers. Learn More
  • Little Star Preschool - A warm, lively learning environment, to provide your child with the necessary skills to succeed, for children 3-5 years old. Learn More
  • The Shabbat Experience - For people who would like to experience a Shabbat meal with an observant family, Oorah matches up guests with friendly, eager hosts.


  • Rosh Hashana at TheZone - Usher in the new year with meaning and tradition at TheZone.
  • Sukkos at TheZone - Oorah families join together for a beautiful holiday. Our enormous Sukkah nestled amoungst beautiful foliage makes this a memorable holiday.
  • Simchas Bais Hashoeiva - This warm and inspiring Sukkos gathering draws hundreds of guests each year to both TheZone and Brooklyn celebrations.
  • Simchas Torah at TheZone - Oorah families celebrate the completion of the Torah with joyous dancing and an Aliya for all.
  • Chanuka Concert - Jewish music rocks the house at our annual Chanuka concert.
  • Purim Seudah - More than 1,000 guests from the New York area and beyond converge on Lakewood, NJ for Oorah’s famous feast, featuring delicious food and drink, costumes, music and dancing.
  • Pesach at TheZone - There is a lot more to Pesach than matza and wine when you celebrate with the Oorah family.
  • Shavuos at TheZone - Commemorate the giving of the Torah with an all-night learning session, spiced up with cheesecake, sushi and other delicacies. The exciting programming continues throughout the holiday.
Holiday Packages
  • Sukkos Lulav and Esrog - Each set, used by all the members of the family and friends as well, gives many thousands the chance to perform this beloved mitzvah.
  • Chanukah Party-in-a-Box - Everything a family needs to make a Chanukah party, plus gifts, music and information for all.
  • Purim Box - Take part in the joyous holiday of Purim with Oorah’s mishloach manos that includes fun treats and gifts, along with a special make-your-own mishloach manos kit that you can send to friends and family.
  • Pesach Package - A bedikas chometz set, Shmura Matzah, Kosher l’Pesach treats and an informative Pesach booklet get the Yom Tov off to a good start.
  • Holiday Retreats - Each holiday, different divisions are invited to join our family holiday retreats at TheZone.
  • Rebbetzins Events - Oorah's Rebbetzins host events throughout the year inlcuding a weekend retreat as well as local shidduch and Rebbetzins get-togethers.


  • Staten Island - TorahSpot - Oorah's TorahSpot community center hosts Rabbi Chaim Mintz's weekly Torah and Ask The Rabbi classes. It also hosts one-on-one TorahMates learing and ChillZone for moms. Special events are held for holidays, siyumim, and simchos. Learn More
  • Weekly Torah Class - Oorah’s founder, Rav Chaim Mintz, gives a weekly Torah class. All classes are in livestream and can be viewed in our archives.
  • Ask The Rabbi - Directly following our weekly Torah class, Rav Chaim Mintz, addresses the Big Questions and sparkling insights of Judaism. All classes are in livestream and can be viewed in our archives . You can submit your question to askthereabbi@oorah.org.