The luxury of a resort vacation with all the warmth of family.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Oorah Events

Oorah is a non-profit organization offering social, educational, and religious services to thousands of families throughout the world, but the goal is always the same— giving Jewish people the opportunity to connect with their rich heritage and traditions. Retreats and events throughout the year are an opportunity for Oorah families to connect, relax, and forge close relationships.
Hundreds of families join each event, each with their own personal connection to the Oorah family. Some of them are TorahMates, some have children in TheZone camp, and still others are part of Oorah’s tuition assistance program. People of all ages and types come together to celebrate their heritage and experience the full flavor of the traditional Jewish holidays.
Our programming is designed to keep children and adults alike busy, entertained, and uplifted.
Guests enjoy the full schedule, inspiring services, great food, great company, activities, amenities, and more at each event.
TheZone’s user-friendly and beautiful services are a holiday highlight for most. While the prayers are recited mostly in Hebrew, standard Artscroll interlinear prayerbooks are available for all guests and the page number will be announced at at regular intervals throughout the prayers.
Transportation is not provided. If you are looking for a ride or have extra room in your car on your way to TheZone, our Ride Share site can help you out.
Cribs are provided for children 2 and under.
Linen, towels, shampoo, and soap are provided. Any other items should be brought with you.
Rooming is based on family size and availability. If you require specific accommodations due to medical or physical limitiations, please notify us before so we can do our best to accommodate you.

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