The luxury of a resort vacation
with all the warmth of family.


Here’s your chance to see what makes each Oorah Event unique, and choose an event that is ideal for you.

We look forward to greeting you soon!

Your Oorah Family

HOLIDAYS AT THEZONE, 123 Scotch Valley Rd, Stamford NY (Families are limited to one event per year):


  • Rosh Hashana

  • Sukkos

  • Shmini Atzeres/ Simchas Torah

  • Pesach

  • Shavuos

  • At Every Holiday Event


  • Chanukah Event

  • Purim

  • Rebbetzins Retreat

  • TorahMates Retreat for Men

  • TorahMates Retreat for Women

  • Shabbat with Oorah

  • FamilyZone


Alpine Slide

Hop on your sled and cruise down an exhilarating half mile of twisting, turning track back to the base.

Alpine Slide


Practice shooting our arches and you'll be drawing your bow and arrow like a true champ!



Kick up the dirt as you fly by on one of our sturdy go-karts for an exhilarating race around a winding dirt track. You’ll enjoy a high-speed adventure right here on our grounds!



There's plenty of space to slide into home plate on our baseball diamond. We've got everything you need to play the national pastime, from bats to gloves to scoreboards.



Shoot the hoops on our two full-size paved basketball courts. Lead your team to a Finals victory!



Pick up the paddles, man the oars, and ride the waves with our amazing water sport activities.


Bumper Boats

Navigate your own boat through bumpy waters while dodging your friends' boats. Be careful or you may end up soaking wet!

bumper boats


Chill out with an Xbox, Playstation or Wii in TheZone’s game room, which comes fully stocked with the latest, top-of-the-line gaming systems and arcades.



Forget about contact, Football at TheZone is a full-time collision sport!


Horseback Riding

Saddle up! TheZone is an equestrian lover's dreamland with our team of friendly horses and experienced wranglers.

horseback riding

Human Foosball

Your favorite table-top game comes to life as teams of six take position on the human foosball field, playing to win.


Petting Zoo

Featuring a combination of domesticated animals and wild species that are 100% authentic Zoniacs, including camels, horses, goats, bunnies, & chickens.

petting zoo


Get ready for a challenging game of pool with TheZone’s quality pool tables, cue and billiard balls.


Indoor/Outdoor Pools

Take the plunge on our 180-foot water slide into our large, crystal-clear outdoor pool or, on rainy days, swim in our climate-controlled indoor pool.


Shabbos Park

Keep your children entertained for hours on end in the first amusement park ever to be completely electricity free!

shabbos park


TheZone snowtubing hills bring thrill and excitement to this classic winter activity.



Bring out your cleats for some fancy footwork on our large soccer field. With professional-grade nets and balls, your team will be coasting to the Soccer Championship!



Recruit a friend (or any passerby) to join you in an energy-filled game of tetherball, located centrally on campus for your convencience.



From serves to spikes to floats, here's your chance to show off your good moves on our sprawling expanse of grass that makes up our volleyball courts.



Psych yourself up for a zipline adventure and fly at high speeds over the sparkling lake on our state-of-the-art zipline!



"Thank you so much for having us and for opening TheZone to families and giving them a chance to attend such an amazing event. We were a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids. Had an amazing time. the Seder was perfectly planned. The food was top notch, the grounds are amazing. The attention is overwhelming and the people there are just warm and open. It was one of the greatest Passover Seder's that we have ever had."

-Segal Family

...The people there are warm and open... one of the greatest Seders we have ever had.

"The Simchas Torah Yom Tov at TheZone was absolutely fabulous! Accommodations were very comfortable. Food was delicious and the atmosphere was festive and celebratory. Was a pleasure meeting up with people we met last year as well as new people too... Thanks again for a wonderful Chag!"


...Comfortable accomodations, delicious food, festive and celebratory atmosphere.

"Thank you so much for another wonderful and uplifting experience this past Shabbat. While I grew up in a ‘modern Orthodox’ environment with frequent childhood trips on B’nei Akiva shabbatons, my wife did not have the same experience. To be able to share a traditional shabbaton with her in such a splendid environment surrounded by fellow Jews is really a treat…It is made even sweeter knowing that, while my wife and I are studying with our Torah Mates or singing z’mirot, our daughters are gaining that same foundation just a few miles away at The Zone’s Girls Division."

-Edward P.

It is made even sweeter knowing that as we are studying... our daughters are gaining at TheZone...

"We were very impressed by how well organized and educational the many programs and services for Shabbos and Shavuos were, proving that even with six hundred people in attendance everyone can cooperate and everything can run smoothly. The programming supplied everyone, no matter what their level of observance might be, with non-stop learning in a creative, interactive, and fun way. We took away from our experience at the Zone a feeling of enrichment of our Jewish traditions, appreciation of cultural, ethnic diversity, learning about other Jewish customs and hearing people daven in their own beautiful way. "

-Vicky F.

...a feeling of enrichment of our Jewish traditions...and hearing people daven in their own beautiful way.

"We wanted to express our full gratitude to everyone who was involved in making it an amazing and uplifting memorable time for our family... It was such a wonderful experience we gained so much knowledge insights, inspiration, tidbits, and we had such an enjoyable time. There was entertainment every second of our family's stay. Everything was so very well organized from beginning to end. We could see that every detail was thought and planned out to the fullest extent. Our kids were entertained just as well as for the adults. ..we are very grateful and appreciative that we were able to join and experience an event like never before."

-Freda A.

...knowledge, insights, inspiration... entertainment for the kids and adults... an experience like never before.