Our mission is to develop children and families by giving them opportunities to connect with their rich Jewish heritage and traditions.

Warm, dedicated & knowledgeable people are the heart of Oorah

  • Founder

  • Rabbi Chaim Mintz
  • Executive

  • Eliyohu Mintz
  • R' Yitzchok Kornblau
  • Ben Turin
  • Rabbi Yehoshua Weinstein
  • Board

  • Rabbi Chaim Mintz
  • Eliyohu Mintz
  • Avraham Biderman
  • Rabbi Tzvi (Heshy) Forster
  • Elli Bohm
  • Leadership

  • Rabbi Tzvi Yoffe
    Senior Kiruv Coordinator
  • Rabbi Chaim Reichman
    Kiruv Development
  • Rabbi Shaya Leifer
    Assistant Kiruv Director
  • Rabbi Yisroel Mayer Hoberman
    Director of TorahMates
  • Ms. Tzipora Kahan
    Tuition Program Director
  • Ms. Aliza Perles
    Little Star Pre-School Program Director
  • Mrs. Raizelle Serebrowski
    Rebbetzins Director
  • Rabbi Levi Mushaiev
    Rebbetzins Co-Director
  • Mrs. Shayndy Abrahamson
    Director of Events

Founder, Director,
Spiritual Leader and Advisor

As the founder and director of Oorah, Rabbi Chaim Mintz has taught, nurtured, and guided many thousands of families and individuals over the years.

A native of Scranton, PA, Rabbi Mintz underwent over a decade of Rabbinical training at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, MD. His vibrant personality as well as his warmth and compassionate nature has led him to a variety of successful leadership positions. After establishing the school's branch in Toronto, Canada, he was appointed "Mashgiach," Dean of Men, at the prestigious Yeshiva of Staten Island. He currently maintains this position and has over 50 years of experience in education and community outreach. Rabbi Chaim Mintz is actively involved in all aspects of Oorah's programs.

Ask Rabbi Chaim Mintz

Oorah's History

Since its humble beginning, Oorah developed into a multifaceted nonprofit organization offering social, educational, and religious services to thousands of families throughout the world.
Oorah’s dozens of programs have broadened Rabbi Chaim Mintz’s impact, continuing each year to carry out his vision with care and dedication.

Endorsements from leading Jewish educators