oorah faqs Frequently Asked Questions


Oorah strives to connect Jewish people all over the world with their heritage and traditions.

Oorah is for Jewish families and individuals seeking to deepen their connection to Jewish traditions and values. Whether you're just starting your journey in Torah observance or looking to enrich your existing Jewish practice, Oorah offers programs and support to help you grow. Our initiatives cater to children, adults, and families, providing educational and outreach opportunities for all ages and levels of observance.

Oorah offers a variety of programs, including TheZone Jewish summer camp, TorahMates learning partnerships, and resources for Jewish education. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to families at all stages of their Jewish journeys.

Enrollment in our programs typically involves filling out an application form. You can find detailed information and application forms for each of our programs on our website. If you need assistance, our staff is available to help guide you through the process.

Oorah supports families year-round through various programs and services. We offer holiday programs, educational resources, family retreats, and continuous mentorship through TorahMates. Our goal is to provide ongoing support and guidance to help families grow in their Jewish observance and knowledge.

There are many ways to get involved! You can volunteer as a TorahMate, donate to support our programs, or spread the word about our initiatives.


Updated rates for each summer can be found on our website at thezone.org.

In TheZone Jewish Summer Camp, each day brings something new, with incredible staff, astounding performances, trips, endless on-site activities, and more. There’s one thing that every day has in common— giant smiles all around!

In addition to a fully-stocked infirmary, our well-equipped medical team consists of a certified EMT, PA, or nurse, and a doctor on call.

Our camp is completely peanut-free. We also offer great gluten-free options for every meal. If you have more severe allergies, kindly contact our office before signing up for camp.


Hundreds of families join each Oorah Event, each one with their own personal connection to the Oorah family. Some of them are TorahMates, some have children in TheZone camp, and still others are part of Oorah’s tuition assistance program. People of all ages and types come together to celebrate their heritage and experience the full flavor of the traditional Jewish holidays.

Rooming is based on family size and availability. If you require specific accommodations due to medical or physical limitations, please notify us before so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Transportation is generally not provided. If you are looking for a ride or have extra room in your car on your way to TheZone, our Ride Share site can help you out.


The Rebbetzins program provides personalized support, guidance, and resources on the path to Jewish marriage. Warm and relatable mentors will guide you through the dating process and set you up with like-minded individuals. You’ll also join a network of hundreds of singles, shadchanim, and coaches through events and shabbatons.

You can see upcoming events and apply at rebbetzins.org


If your child has never attended Orthodox Jewish school before, you are welcome to apply for an Oorah scholarship on their behalf.

You’ll fill out a short preliminary application. If you’re a candidate, our team will reach out to you to discuss your options.

Shteigers is a program that runs alongside your yeshiva or seminary. While you’re spending a gap year in Israel, we’ll be there to enhance your year and support you in every way big and small. From up to $5,000 of financial aid to help with Shabbos plans, we’ve got you covered! Your adventure begins with a dynamic 2-week summer program at DiscoverU, designed to prepare you for the year ahead. Once you arrive in Israel, we’ll set you up with a personal mentor and a range of other supportive services tailored to make your year both fulfilling and memorable. Acceptance to the Shteigers program is not guaranteed.


You can learn any Jewish topic that interests you! We do our best to accommodate you and will try to find a TorahMate that can learn in your preferred language.

Besides for the close friendship TorahMates form, every minute learned is a mile earned! You’ll use your miles to purchase rewards directly from the TorahMates website.

If you feel the partnership isn’t the perfect fit, reach out to us! We’ll work with you to set you up with the correct match.