Oorah’s mission A one-of-a-kind approach to servicing Jewish families.

Our programs are varied and multifaceted but all share the common goal of opening doors for Jewish children and families. With our extensive network, we make connections and facilitate relationships, reaching out to Jewish families everywhere with opportunities to make their Judaic heritage more personal, relevant and meaningful.

We strive to provide a strong, all-encompassing network of personal guidance and educational resources to develop our youth into well-balanced, productive and engaged members of the community. We tailor our approach to give each child and family the resources and programs best suited to them.

We care deeply about the children and families we service and are committed to their success. Knowing how essential strong family and community support are to a child’s development, our programs aim to impact every aspect of a child’s life and environment. We are there for our children around the year and throughout their lives. Because we’re a family, and family cares.