Jewish Summer Camps for Boys and Girls

Summer camp has a powerful impact on children, and with its exciting program and warm, caring staff, there’s a reason TheZone is known as the ultimate Jewish summer experience. Located in the scenic Catskill mountains, TheZone sleepaway camps attract staff and campers from across the world. Funded by Kars4Kids, TheZone maintains state-of-the-art facilities with a uniquely diverse mix of leisure, sports and recreational activities every day. Stimulating workshops, an equestrian program and interaction with TheZone’s farm animals allow children to develop latent skills. With its authentic flavor, Shabbat is the highlight of every week. Personal mentorship, fun activities, traditional celebrations and the signature Oorah warmth all combine for the perfect unforgettable Jewish summer camp experience. Visit TheZone >

TheZone Programs

Shabbat with Oorah
Weekend at TheZone

Shabbat with Oorah is an extended weekend for TheZone campers’ families to experience and get a small taste of what their children enjoy each day in camp. Families bond together and enjoy a relaxing Shabbat with comfortable accommodations, stimulating programming and warm, friendly atmosphere. Shabbat with Oorah leaves everyone on a high See all Pictures >

Discover U
Post High-School Program

The DiscoverU program offers a unique summer experience for teens. Located at TheZone, this amazing program caters specifically to teenagers who can benefit from a relaxing and rejuvenating summer experience. With activities and programs catered toward the Jewish teen, DiscoverU participants come home refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

The DiscoverU internship program gives participants the opportunity to gain career experience as an intern for Kars4Kids, a nationally acclaimed non-profit organization. Teens can choose from various career tracks to experience and get a taste of the field of their choice. The internship is a seamless transition into the working world, as they gain valuable skills to jumpstart their career and to enter the workforce as more qualified workers.

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Reunions and Shabbatons

With events and retreats through out the year, the warmth of TheZone continues even after the summer ends. Campers enjoy meeting with their friends and keeping up with their counselors and staff members. The connection remains strong throughout the long winter months. The reunions and holiday retreats for campers and their families is what makes TheZone so unique!

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Local Weekly Learning Sessions and Youth groups

Oorah’s youth groups fill the unstructured after school hours and form positive experiences for all those involved. Chillzone arranges warm mentors and a comfortable environment; all feel welcome! With over 40 locations throughout the United States, ChillZone groups meet weekly for one-on-one learning with our devoted staff, followed by exciting group activities. Whether it’s sports, dancing, baking or crafts, every ChillZone group has an exciting program planned. Participants benefit from the additional personal attention and one-on-one assistance a tutor or mentor can provide. With groups for boys and girls ages 9-17, there’s something for everyone at ChillZone.

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Jewish Learning Study Partnerships

TorahMates is a free study program partnering thousands of Torah study partners globally. Every individual has the opportunity to learn more about their heritage, while gaining a friend at the same time. From Junior TorahMates to their parents, each TorahMate is matched with a volunteer mentor/teacher based on their interests. TorahMates choose from a range of Torah topics to study every week, from Jewish law and customs to Chumash or Talmud to self-improvement and interpersonal skills. Many TorahMates become close friends as they grow together every week. A highly anticipated annual retreat brings together the TorahMates community for a weekend of growth and bonding.

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Mentorship and Dating Advice for Singles

The Rebbetzins Network- Oorah's Rebbetzins program provides mentors and shaddchanim for singles of Baalei Teshuva background. The mentors offer listening ears and help guide and support singles with dating coaching and advice. The Rebbetzins program host events throughout the year, including a weekend retreat and local get-togethers.

The Rebbetzins >

Jewish Education
Assistance for Students

Enrollment - Choosing the right school is essential to a child’s success. For a child to flourish, they need a school that fits their skills and academic needs, family background, culture and personality. Oorah’s placement experts help families find the right school and guide them through the admissions process.

Tuition Assistance – Money should never stand in the way of Jewish education, yet sometimes it does. Day school tuition can be prohibitive, and Oorah provides financial aid. Oorah does not allow high costs to get in the way for families unable to pay day school tuition. Apply here for Jewish school scholarships.

Post High School Assistance in Israel - Oorah’s educational experts provide information and guidance for students to find the right learning environment for them and provide help with enrollment, tuitions and expenses via stipends. Rabbi Chaim Mintz and other Oorah and Zone staff come to Israel to visit and give support to our students and campers studying there. These visits include shabbatons as well as trips and get-togethers. Learn More about Assistance in Israel

Oorah Staten Island
Community Programs and events at TorahSpot

What's in
Staten Island

Staten Island Community Center

TorahSpot is the hub of the Jewish community in Staten Island. It’s a comfortable gathering and learning spot where the Oorah Staten Island programs take place. At TorahSpot, Jewish families in Staten Island can go to relax, socialize and connect to their community and their heritage in a welcoming, homey atmosphere. Visit Oorah's TorahSpot at Staten Island.

Weekly Torah
Weekly Tuesday night classes

Every Tuesday night, Rabbi Chaim Mintz, Oorah’s founder and spiritual leader, delivers a fascinating class at TorahSpot in Staten Island. These enthralling Torah classes are on a wide array of relevant, contemporary topics. Participants enjoy learning about their heritage and Jewish values. All Torah classes are livestream and can be viewed in our archives.

Ask The Rabbi
Q & A Livestream

Rabbi Chaim Mintz hosts a stimulating Ask the Rabbi session directly following a weekly Torah class. Always insightful, always surprising, and always entertaining, participants can ask their pressing questions or listen to the enlightening answers. From resurrection of the dead to the purpose of life, Rabbi Chaim Mintz accepts all questions! Ask the Rabbi classes are in livestream and can be viewed in our archives. You can submit your question to and watch live here.

Little Star
Premier Jewish Preschool

Jewish Little Star Preschool in Staten Island offers high quality education to prepare children for life, encouraging them to achieve their dreams, inspiring them to continually improve their skills, and fostering a love of Jewish heritage. Close relationships are forged between the children, the parents, the community and the educators which lead to the success as a school. The outstanding team of educators uses their early childhood training, warmth, and experience to create the ideal environment for the Little Stars to grow and reach their full potential. Learn more about Jewish Little Star.

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